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St Leonards Dental Centre
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"Are we a preferred provider of any health fund?"

Yes. We are a BUPA ,CBHS, Denta Care preferred provider. This means that we can get maximum benefits back for patients who are members. We also welcome all kinds of private health funds

"Does whitening damage your teeth?"

A large body of research on bleaching has determined that low concentrations of peroxide, from a reputable source, are safe if used as directed, after a proper dental examination.  We will talk  through the treatment and give you options. Sensitivity is the most common side effect of tooth whitening and everyone responds differently to whitening. We can assist you to manage and minimise the sensitivity before and after treatment. 

"Can I eat after a filling?"

Yes. The types of materials used in modern fillings do not need any "setting" time. They are cured at the time of treatment and you can eat immediately afterward. If you have had local anesthetic however it is important to take care not to bite your tongue, cheek and lips if they are numb.

"How often should my teeth be cleaned?"

As a general rule most people should have a dental examination, scale and cleaning every six months.  This time may need to be shorter if a periodontal problem is identified.  Some people with exceptional oral health may only need to have this treatment every twelve months.

"How much will my treatment cost?"

We try out best to make the fees  reasonable. Please contact us for more details.


A severe toothache will require a trip to the dentist as soon as possible. In some cases the use of pain medication may offer little relief. Avoiding triggers such as cold, hot or pressure is advisable, and your dentist will treat and guide you to get you out of pain.

"Knocked out tooth?"

Time is critical for successful replanting of a lost tooth. It is important to handle to the tooth by the crown (not the roots) and ensure that the tooth is clean. If the tooth is dirty, ask the patient to suck on the tooth. Once the tooth is cleaned, immediately replant the tooth into the socket. If unable to replant the tooth, keep it moist by placing it in the patient's mouth next to the cheek & immediately make your way to us.



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St Leonards Dental Centre
Suite 104, Level 1/2 Atchison St
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