Regular Dental Examination and Clean

Why is it important to visit your dentist regularly?

A regular visit to your Dentist/Hygienist is important to help keep your teeth and gum healthy. The purpose of a regular dental examination is to monitor your overall oral health and to ensure any conditions are detected diagnosed and treated in the earliest possible time.

At SLDC, we begin with a comprehensive examination of the mouth for any concern and conditions which may contribute to your oral health. Necessary x rays are taken to aid in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. 

Then our dentist /hygienist will perform the GBT approach in removing the plaque and calculus build-up from your teeth which may contribute in the development of decay, gum problem, and risk of illness. 

A treatment plan that is right for  you will be discussed plus  proper oral health habits and dietary advice will be given to maintain good oral hygiene  and to prevent future oral health problem

The stepping stone for a healthy mouth is preventive dental care. Brushing your tooth twice a day and flossing every night is an easy way to prevent your mouth from cavities, gum diseases, and visiting your dentist regularly for preventative care and maintenance.  

To keep your gums and teeth healthy and help prevent unexpected treatment contact us at 9436 3347